ZEROSECONDE.COM: Collaboration first then KM (par Martin Lessard)


Impacts du numérique sur la communication, notre société, nos vies.

Collaboration first then KM

"Before you go and blow your entire budget on a solution that
has the same likelihood of success as a manned mission to Mars in the
same timeframe, consider piloting an open source solution with
a small group that is in dire need and eager to get started."

"This will allow you time to build your business case, learn some hard lessons about usability, and also make essential improvements to business
processes in anticipation of other groups. You will also quickly
discover the sources of any network connectivity problems and have an
opportunity to solve other persnickety (but potentially prohibitive)
technical problems before rolling out a full-blown solution globally. A
small sample of open source groupware tools available are:!"

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