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Syndication Nation

"Syndication Nation" est un débat intéressant sur la pertinence du blog/rss (via un lien apparu sur le carnet de Sylvain Carle qui touche l'ensemble de la conférence).

Évidemment le terme "Syndication" dans le monde RSS peut porter à confusion : il ne signifie pas la même chose tout à fait dans le monde papier (la redistribution de l'information - mais sans la redevance $$$...)

"For newspapers, syndication describes a business and a business model. It's a great new source of revenue. The word tends in the media industry to be a boring little department on the side that people take for granted. The AP is sort of different in that it's a cooperative. As originally conceived, local papers could share the coverage of local events and wouldn't have to maintain local branches. On the Web, we have an aspect of this, the redistribution, without the business model."

Le web utilise la "syndication" autrement: "In the old media world, it's a way of eking out more value from existing content." Ce qui est loin d'être le cas pour les blogues. Par contre, il y a le bon vieux visiteurs qui permet de faire du Ad click avec Google.

Mais le vrai succès de la syndication, c'est l'agrégation:

"I use a tabbed browser so I can accumulate things I haven't read to read later, and I can keep on top of about 100 information feeds in maybe 45 minutes time. The payoff is that it enables you to keep on top of much more information in much less time."

"The other important feature is that if there's a feed that only publishes once a year, you don't have to forget about it, it'll turn red when there's something new there. You can keep on top of everything when it's happening. This is the Internet version of the Associated Press, which started in 1848."

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